Blumgi Slime Jump Game

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Blumgi Slime, available on, is an engaging arcade game that challenges your precision and timing as you guide a charming, bouncy character to the finish line. In this unique adventure, your character's only mode of locomotion is through jumping. To achieve your goal, hold down the action button to gather and release power - the longer you hold, the higher and more dynamically you'll leap.

Navigate through a variety of obstacles, each requiring a different approach to conquer. Your mission is to reach the checkered platform at the end of each level, and as you progress, you'll encounter new colors and obstacle types that add excitement and diversity to the game.

Blumgi Slime is a captivating and fun-filled experience that will keep you entertained and honing your skills for hours on end. Can you master the art of precise jumps and timing to overcome all obstacles and reach the finish line?

Visit and embark on this thrilling arcade adventure. Challenge yourself, explore exciting new challenges, and prove your prowess in this entertaining and engaging game!

Jump - Long-press or hold down the left mouse button and release


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