Dad Escape

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"Dad Escape: Hide Little One is an engaging classic hide-and-seek game where players must navigate obstacles and solve mazes before being caught by Daddy. Immerse yourself in the thrilling challenge of evading capture while enjoying the timeless excitement of this game. For more fun-filled adventures, explore a variety of Frivls games on the Friv gaming platform. Discover a diverse collection of entertaining games that cater to different tastes and preferences. Whether you're into puzzles, action, or strategy games, Frivls has something for everyone. Join the gaming community and enhance your leisure time with exciting gameplay experiences. Dive into the world of Friv games and elevate your gaming journey with a wide range of captivating options."

Control the movement of the baby to pass through all of the tricky traps. Take advantage all of the surrounding objects and trap mechanism to prank the daddy


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