Escape Run

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Join the mountain man in his quest to evade the prying eyes of the media as he embarks on a tranquil run through the chilly wilderness. Your mission: help him collect fruits to acquire power-ups for his escape.

Experience this thrilling adventure on, where you'll guide our hero through a serene, yet perilous, snowy landscape. The media is hot on his trail, and he needs your assistance to outwit them.

Gather an assortment of fruits to bolster the mountain man's chances of a successful getaway. These fruits serve as a currency to purchase powerful upgrades that will aid his escape. Make wise choices as you navigate through this winter wonderland, and ensure the mountain man's safe departure.

As you progress, the challenges will grow, requiring strategic decisions and quick reflexes. This game offers an addictive and engaging experience that will keep you hooked for hours.

Are you ready to help the mountain man elude the watchful media's eyes and make a successful escape in the frosty wilderness? Play now on and immerse yourself in this exciting adventure!

Run and avoid obstacles to survive.


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