Help The Kitten

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Join the charming Kitten on a quest to rescue its beloved Mom in this captivating and entertaining adventure puzzle game, now available on This game is tailor-made for feline enthusiasts, logic aficionados, and anyone seeking a good time.

Prepare for an engaging journey filled with thrilling levels and intriguing quests, all accompanied by the company of a cute and courageous kitten. Your mission? Secure bonuses in the form of gold coins as you navigate through each puzzle. With these coins, you can purchase a delightful array of cat costumes to dress up your furry friend while you take on a series of logic-based challenges, all designed to reunite the kitten with its Mom.

The game boasts numerous levels of varying difficulty, each offering tasks that stimulate your logical thinking. Dive into exciting quests that keep you entertained and provide a sense of accomplishment as you progress. Challenge yourself and embark on this heartwarming adventure that blends fun, strategy, and problem-solving. Can you conquer every puzzle and guide the Kitten to its beloved Mom? The journey awaits!

PC management:
Left mouse button - to make a choice, remove or move the pin, move objects.

For a mobile device:
By tapping on the screen - to make a choice, move a pin, move objects.

In the game, you can buy costumes for a Cat using in-game currency.
The currency can be earned during the game or as a reward for viewing ads.
Some costumes can be bought with the platform currency.

Your task is to help the Kitten save Mom by solving logic puzzles.


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