Muscle Clicker

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Explore the transformative journey from being slender to becoming a muscle-bound powerhouse in Muscle Clicker. Witness the astounding evolution from a slim physique to a robust physique through relentless dedication in the gym.

Embark on a journey of training and competitions to earn rewards while managing your stamina, a key resource for continuous exercise. Accumulate wealth to invest in state-of-the-art equipment that not only enhances muscle growth but also enriches your experience and financial standing.

Engage in this thrilling game and unlock your potential as a muscle-building aficionado with Muscle Clicker - an immersive experience where dedication meets transformation.

There are 4 locations in the game: exercises with dumbbells, exercise bikes and competitions in pull-ups and squats.
Click on the screen and the character will start acting.
Earn money for exercises and competitions, upgrade your character and watch your muscles grow.


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