Smash DIY Slime - Fidget Slimy

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A fun and adhesive game where you can create your own unique Slimes, crush and manipulate them directly on the screen. You can also collect various sets of Popits and tap on them for added enjoyment. Furthermore, a wide array of mini-games, from brain-teasing puzzles to thrilling running games, are awaiting you! Enjoy a creative and entertaining experience with your Slimes on Customize and create your one-of-a-kind Slimes and have fun interacting with them on the screen. Collect different sets of Popits and click on them to enhance the gaming experience. Additionally, the game offers a variety of mini-games, ranging from mind-boggling puzzles to exciting running games. An enjoyable and creativity-filled experience awaits you on friv ls ! Begin unleashing your imagination and enjoying the world of sticky Slimes and amazing Popits. An incredible experience is waiting for you!

Control with the mouse, by pressing the left button.
- Create your own slime and stretch it. There is also a laser printing function directly on the slime. The game simulates the whole process of creating a slime.
- In the game you can learn how to make slime at home and how to make squishes with your own hands.
- Lots of fantastic and magical stretching effects in textures and Popits.
- A section with mini-games. Puzzles, runners and other casual games.


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