Battle Bootcamp

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Explore the thrilling world of Battle Camp on the official website frivls ! Immerse yourself in the action-packed adventure where teams of young titans have gathered to hone their extraordinary abilities. These warriors possess unique powers crucial for defending Jump City against the mischievous Hive 5 and other nefarious villains. Together, they thwart the city's conquest by any adversary.

Battle Camp offers two engaging modes: "New Game" and "Survival." In the "New Game" mode, you'll conquer 10 challenging levels, battling against waves of robots in a vast arena. These encounters serve as an ideal training ground for refining your battle skills and tactical prowess. Your ultimate test awaits at the tenth level, where you confront Gizmo, the formidable boss controlling a massive robot. Dodge his powerful attacks and aim for the robot's vulnerable hands to emerge victorious.

If you crave an endless challenge, the "Survival" mode beckons. Traverse various arenas, facing relentless hordes of robots until the last titan stands. Teen Titans Go: Battle Bootcamp is now a part of Cartoon Network Games, promising endless excitement and entertainment. Join the young titans in their mission to preserve peace and justice in Jump City, and may luck be on your side as you embark on this epic adventure!



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