What The Hen!

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"Get ready for an uproarious adventure on in the wackiest collectible heroes battle with a hint of strategic tower defense duels!

Step into a world where laughter reigns as you collect over 100 unique Heroes and Heroines cards, each one itching for an epic showdown! Ready them for combat, and witness the mayhem unfold. But that's just the beginning; the real madness starts when you upgrade and evolve every minion into ridiculously IMBA (Imbalanced) heroes! Expect the unexpected, and be prepared for the most outlandish battles you've ever seen.

But it's not all fun and games on in this topsy-turvy world. You'll need to summon your inner hero to defeat Bosses and conquer the campaign adventure. Can you handle the madness and come out on top?

The fun doesn't stop there! Engage in thrilling 1on1 battles against gazillions of summoners in strategic duels in the PVP arena. It's a chaotic clash of tactics, and every move counts. Will you outwit your opponents and emerge victorious?

If you're looking for even more craziness, participate in event battles for ranks and earn special rewards that are as unique as the heroes themselves. There's no shortage of hilarity and excitement on on your journey to become the ultimate champion.

Get ready for the funniest, quirkiest, and most unpredictable collectible heroes battle you've ever seen on Get in on the action, and let the laughter and strategic mayhem begin!"

Collect heroes and use them in the batlle.


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