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وصف New Year Balls Merge
Dive into a festive New Year's atmosphere with this engaging game! Challenge friends and colleagues as you compete in a playful arena where colorful balls cascade and link up. Connect balls of the same color to create larger ones, accumulating points to secure your spot on the leaderboard. 🎉 Aim to be the top scorer and revel in the joy of friendly competition. Immerse yourself in this relaxing experience, combining strategy and fun. Explore the thrill of connecting balls and celebrate the spirit of the season. Play now and unwind with the adventure of the holidays at Adventure games!
1. At first it will be easy to connect the balls?, but over time there will be more and more of them??. Once you connect the biggest ball in this game, it will disappear? and give you the most points?! If one of the balls touches the line and lies on it for some time, then you will lose?, and the game will start again?!
2. Press and hold your finger or mouse to control the ball. Release your finger or mouse button to let the ball fall onto the field?!
3. Enjoy the game?!


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