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وصف Noob Fuse
Embark on wild escapades with Noob in this explosive adventure! Armed with bombs and a lighter, Noob is on a mission to demolish houses and seize the coveted crystals. From tiny structures to massive edifices, explore a variety of buildings and orchestrate a grand-scale explosion! Navigate through the chaos and uncover hidden caches within each house in the form of chests. Your goal is to reach these chests swiftly and unlock them to reveal their treasures. Immerse yourself in the thrill of destruction and discovery as you join Noob on this daring journey. Experience the excitement at friv games, where the explosive fun awaits!
The goal of the game:
At each level, it is necessary to blow up buildings in such a way as to get to the chest with crystals (it will also need to be opened with an explosion).

PC Control:
RMB - put a block of dynamite / ignite with a lighter
Mouse wheel - change of objects
The number "1" on the keyboard - select dynamite
The number "2" on the keyboard - choose a lighter
WASD or arrows - movement
Space - jump

Control on a mobile device - game buttons on the sensor screen.


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