Top 10 Games for Kids by a Frivls

Top 10 Games for Kids by a Frivls

Games are not only a source of entertainment but also a fantastic way for children to learn and develop their skills. In this article, we will present ten of the best games that are highly popular among children. These games range from mental skill games to educational games and adventure games. Regardless of your child's interests, you will find a suitable game here.


1 - Minecraft :

Minecraft is a famous building and creativity game that is immensely popular among children and teenagers. It gives players the opportunity to adventure and create in three-dimensional worlds made of cubes, encouraging creative thinking and cooperation. Players can build amazing houses, explore endless worlds, and learn how to craft resources and tools.
Minecraft, developed by Mojang Studios, is available on most systems and platforms. Whether you are using a computer, a tablet, or gaming consoles, you'll find a version of this unique game.
Minecraft is not just an entertaining game; it is also an excellent educational tool. It enhances creativity, innovation, programming skills, and critical thinking. It's a safe environment that allows children to interact with their friends online and build their own worlds.
If you are looking for a game that combines fun and learning, Minecraft is the perfect choice for children and teenagers. It stimulates creativity and collaboration, providing an exceptional gaming experience. Children learn how to achieve their goals and build their own worlds, making it one of the best games for children's skill development and knowledge. Remember that Minecraft is more than just a game; it's a fun educational experience for your kids.

Super Mario Bros

2 - Super Mario Bros :

The Super Mario Bros series is one of the most famous and influential franchises in the gaming world. This game offers exciting adventures featuring the famous brothers, Mario and Luigi, on a quest to rescue Princess Peach. Players take on the roles of Super Mario or Luigi and must navigate levels filled with enemies and obstacles.

The success of the game depends on the ability to jump on enemies, collect golden coins, and use special abilities to overcome challenges. The game provides an interactive experience where children can develop their control and navigation skills in colorful, fun-filled worlds.
Information :
The original Super Mario Bros game was released in 1985 by Nintendo. Since then, the series has become an icon in the gaming world, with numerous releases and developments. Super Mario games can be found on various Nintendo systems, enjoying a large and diverse player base of all ages.
Thanks to its simple and enjoyable design, Super Mario Bros remains a beloved classic game to this day. It offers children a traditional gaming experience with a touch of excitement and adventure.

Lego Dimensions

3 - Lego Dimensions :

Lego Dimensions is a unique role-playing game that blends the famous Lego worlds with characters from various games and movies in thrilling and creative adventures. The game offers a unique experience where children can explore diverse worlds and interact with their favorite characters.
In Lego Dimensions, players control a main character named "Jay," who finds himself on a dangerous mission to save the world from destruction. Jay must collect scattered Lego power elements to build various devices, vehicles, and tools to help him overcome challenges and enemies.
The interactive aspects of the game enhance the customization of experiences and adventures, allowing children to change their character configurations and participate in unique adventures that require different strategies.
Lego Dimensions was developed by Traveller's Tales and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The game was released in 2015 on various platforms, including computers and gaming consoles. It combines the charm of Lego worlds with beloved characters from video games and movies, providing children with a unique and enjoyable experience that promotes creativity and strategic thinking. Lego Dimensions is an excellent choice for children who love role-playing games and exploring diverse worlds in one game.


4 - Fortnite :

Fortnite is already an extremely famous game and one of the most popular games worldwide. It offers an exciting experience where players compete in battle royales with elements of building and shooting. Players must stay alive and compete with others until they achieve victory. The game attracts a diverse audience of players of all ages and provides an interactive and enjoyable experience.
Fortnite also has social elements, allowing players to interact with their friends online and play together as teams. It's a game that encourages both cooperation and competitiveness simultaneously. Furthermore, it is available on most platforms, making it easily accessible on computers, gaming consoles, and smartphones.
In Fortnite, players must use their shooting and building skills to stay alive and win battles. This game provides a good challenge for strategic thinking and quick reflexes while also promoting teamwork. It's an engaging game for children and teenagers looking for a challenging and fun gaming experience.

SpongeBob - Bikini Bottom Rehydrated

5 - SpongeBob: Bikini Bottom Rehydrated :

"SpongeBob: Bikini Bottom Rehydrated" is definitely an excellent choice for children who love SpongeBob and his friends and want to join them in their underwater adventures. This game features beautiful and appealing graphics that uniquely bring SpongeBob's world to life.
Through the game, children can interact with many familiar and beloved characters from the TV series and enjoy fun adventures that include solving puzzles and facing challenges. It's a wonderful opportunity to explore the underwater world with SpongeBob and his friends and enjoy an interactive experience.
The game was developed by Purple Lamp Studios and published by THQ Nordic, ensuring the game's quality and unique content. If you're looking for a game that combines fun and adventure and is based on beloved characters, "SpongeBob: Bikini Bottom Rehydrated" is the perfect choice for your children.


6. Roblox :

"Roblox" is an online gaming platform that offers a unique opportunity for children to be creative and have fun. It allows children to create and play games developed by other users, making it an interactive and enjoyable environment.
A fantastic feature of "Roblox" is that it enhances programming and design skills in children. They can develop their own games and share them with others, helping them understand the basics of programming and developing creative and design skills.
Additionally, children can interact with a large community of other players and play various games developed within the platform. This promotes social interaction and cooperation, contributing to the development of negotiation and communication skills.
"Roblox" offers a different gaming experience where every child can become a game developer and a player at the same time. It is an excellent educational platform that fosters creativity, self-learning, and critical thinking, making it a great choice for children who love games and want to develop their skills.

Mario Kart

7. Mario Kart :

The Mario Kart series is one of the most famous racing game franchises in the gaming world. It provides an enjoyable and thrilling racing experience that brings together beloved characters from the world of Nintendo. Players compete in races filled with challenges using the unique abilities of each character.
A great feature of Mario Kart is the variety of tracks and worlds where children can race. Each track has different obstacles and surprises, making the game consistently enjoyable and exciting. Children can choose their favorite characters from the Nintendo world and use their unique abilities to win races.
Mario Kart is a fun and exciting game for children and families alike. It enhances children's control and strategic thinking skills, as well as promoting healthy competition and enjoyment. It was developed by Nintendo and is available on Nintendo consoles and other platforms, allowing children to enjoy it on a variety of systems. If you're looking for a racing game that enhances players' skills and provides an enjoyable experience, Mario Kart is an excellent choice.

Pokémon GO

8. Pokémon GO :

Pokémon GO is a popular mobile game that combines augmented reality and Pokémon hunting. It's an exciting game that allows children and adults to go out and explore the real world in search of Pokémon and interact with them using their mobile phones.
A key feature in Pokémon GO is the ability to catch and collect Pokémon in real-world locations. Children can go on exploratory trips to various places to search for and capture Pokémon using their phone's camera. This experience combines elements of the game with social interaction, as children can interact with other players and participate in events like Pokémon battles, catching, and training.
Pokémon GO promotes real-world interaction and encourages children to go outside and stay physically active. It offers a unique experience where children can discover new places and meet up with friends during Pokémon hunting trips. It was developed by Niantic in collaboration with Nintendo and is available on mobile phones.

Panda Pop

9. Panda Pop :

Panda Pop is a fun and colorful puzzle game designed with vibrant colors and beautiful graphics. In this game, the main goal is to pop bubbles to rescue baby pandas. It's a game that combines puzzles and adventures, offering exciting challenges for children.
Players must strategically and cleverly pop bubbles to reach the baby pandas and rescue them. The game enhances children's cognitive and strategic thinking skills, as well as improving their puzzle-solving abilities.
With its vibrant graphics and enjoyable music, Panda Pop provides a fun and entertaining experience for children. It's a fantastic game for children who love games that require thinking and puzzle-solving skills. It was developed by Jam City and is available on mobile phones, making it easily accessible and perfect for entertainment.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

10. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild :

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the fantastic adventure games that offers a unique experience, combining open-world exploration, puzzle-solving, and adventures. In this game, players control the hero, Link, and embark on a journey to explore the vast world of Hyrule, seeking answers to puzzles and facing challenges.
The open world in the game means that players have complete freedom to explore breathtaking landscapes and different locations within the game. It provides an exploratory and inspiring experience where children can discover new places, solve puzzles, and undertake exciting missions.
It was developed by Nintendo and is available on the Nintendo Switch. It is one of the great games that offers children the opportunity to immerse themselves in a fantasy world full of adventures, puzzles, and risks. If you're looking for a game that stimulates children's imagination and enhances their puzzle-solving and strategic thinking skills, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an excellent choice.