Algerian Solitaire

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Description :
Embark on a challenging journey with Algerian Patience Solitaire, a captivating card game that requires skill and strategy. 🃏

🌟 Game Info:
- Family: Other
- Decks: Two decks (104 cards)
- Game Time: Long
- Chance of Winning: Medium

🎯 Objective:
Move all the cards to the eight foundations.

🃏 Deal & Layout:
Algerian Patience is played with two decks (104 cards). Six cards are dealt face-up to each of the six reserve piles. The tableau piles receive one face-up card each, with the first four getting an extra card. Remaining cards go face-down into the stock.

🔀 Allowed Moves:
- The tableau builds in-suit, both up and down. Card ranks are continuous.
- Move one card at a time. An empty tableau pile can be filled with any card.
- No building on the reserve. Cards move from the reserve to the tableau or foundation.
- Clicking the stock deals two face-up cards to each reserve pile, except the last time when it deals one face-up card to each tableau pile.
- First four foundations build up in-suit starting with Ace, while the last four build down in-suit starting with King.

🏆 Scoring:
- Gain 5 points for each card moved from reserve to tableau.
- Earn 10 points for each card moved to the foundation (from tableau or reserve).
- Moving a card from foundation back to tableau results in a 15-point deduction.

❓ FAQ:
- How to win? Move all cards to the foundation. Strategy tip: Immediately move cards to the foundation when possible and create empty spaces in the tableau.
- Scoring: Earn points for moving cards to the foundation and introducing cards to the game. Face a penalty for moving a card from foundation back to tableau.

💻 System Requirements:
Play Algerian Patience Solitaire on all modern browsers and devices (desktop, tablet, mobile), across all operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, ...). Enjoy the challenge anywhere, anytime!

Are you ready to conquer the Algerian Patience Solitaire challenge? Play now and showcase your card skills! 🌟🃏



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