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Description :
Vectaria is a captivating multiplayer adventure game, reminiscent of Minecraft, designed for endless entertainment with friends. Embark on your epic journey alongside one of the four unique characters: Martha, Oliver, Mike, and Rose. Customize your experience by selecting your preferred game mode and begin your exciting adventure. offers three distinct game modes:

1. Peaceful Mode: Immerse yourself in a player versus player (PvP) survival map, where you'll need to fend off other players and grow stronger in this challenging environment.

2. Survival Mode: Enjoy classic survival gameplay, with the option to toggle PvP on or off, allowing you to adapt your experience to your preference.

3. Creative Mode: Unleash your creativity in a sandbox world where you can build to your heart's content, exploring your wildest imaginations.

With an array of gameplay options, provides endless possibilities for your gaming experience. Where will your adventure begin?

Wondering where you can dive into the world of Vectaria? Look no further! You can access it on, whether you're using your computer browser or playing on mobiles and tablets.

Vectaria was lovingly crafted by the talented Vectaria Company, drawing inspiration from the iconic Minecraft style. Join the adventure, and let your imagination run wild in this multiplayer, Minecraft-like world. 🌍🎮🌟

How to play

- Movement: WASD or arrow keys
- Place blocks: Right mouse button
- Mine/Attack: Left mouse button
- Sprint: Spacebar
- Open inventory: X
- Open main menu: G
- View respawn points: M
- Open shop: O
- Open inventory: U
- Open guide:
- Chat: Press Enter, then type!

To change the plant protection mode on or off, navigate to the inventory menu ("X"), and in the top left corner, you'll be able to toggle it!


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