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Assault on the Evil Star

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In the 22nd century, advanced technology has enabled life on planets across the galaxy. Numerous constructions and a diverse population thrive under the empire of King Dara. Protection is entrusted to the Immortals, genetically enhanced superhumans with self-healing abilities. Queen Esther, empowered by her political position, establishes organizations on different planets. A special force of Immortals, renowned for their expertise, is summoned by Queen Esther. Assigned the most challenging missions, they are tasked with rescuing a project manager from a planet where experiments spiral out of control. Dive into this futuristic saga now! 🚀🌌 Play at Free Games and shape the destiny of the galaxy!

Mouse - Shooting, WASD keys - Movement, Spacebar - Jump, R - Reload, SHIFT - Sprint, Q - Roll, ESC - Pause



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