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Description Color Blocks - Relax Puzzle
Dive into strategic gameplay with Friv games! 🎲 Master the art of thinking ahead in this engaging game. Utilize the domino effect to outsmart your opponent, ensuring they don't lay more dominoes than you. Exercise mindfulness, enhance your strategic thinking, and aim for victory! 🤔💡 Challenge yourself and enjoy the thrill of each calculated move. Are you ready to dominate the domino board? Play now and test your skills! #StrategicGaming #DominoEffect #BrainChallenge #FrivFun
Your task is to lay as many dominoes as possible by coloring the pattern with your own color.
At the start of the game, the opponent's starting dominoes are on the pattern. You need to think and put your starting points so that at the end of your color there is more than the opponent.

Control on the PC using the left mouse button.
Control on a mobile device by tapping on the screen.
The playing field can be enlarged or distanced using the roller on the right side of the screen.


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