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Muscle Clicker: Gym game

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Embark on the ultimate fitness journey with Muscle Clicker, a game that lets you transform a skinny individual into a muscular powerhouse through hard work at the gym! 🏋️💪 Train, compete, and earn money to enhance your physique. Be mindful of your stamina, which depletes during continuous exercise. Invest your earnings in equipment to boost muscle growth, wealth, and experience. Increase your strength and stamina as you gain more experience. 🎮💼 Ready to sculpt the perfect physique? Join the muscle-building excitement now on Friv Games. 💪🏆

Click on the character and he will start training The faster you tap the easier it will be for you to lift dumbbells do pull-ups and squat with a barbell While training on stationary bikes you can maintain the tap for continuous exercise



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