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Noob archer monster attack

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Transform a novice archer into a skilled marksman, conquering foes with precision. Overcome challenges, conquer formidable bosses, and attain all achievements to ascend as the world's leading pro archer. Experience the journey on Friv Games, enhancing your archery prowess in an immersive and thrilling virtual environment. Master the art of the bow, outshine competitors, and stake your claim as the top-ranked archer globally. Unleash your arrow-slinging potential, embrace the thrill of victory, and navigate the dynamic landscapes of Friv Games on your path to archery mastery.

Click anywhere to start pulling the bowstring; as soon as the bowstring is taut, you can release it to shoot. Holding the bow for a long time will waste stamina.
Hitting different parts of the body does different damage. However, if the enemy has a helmet, it blocks damage and loses durability.
Archery is affected by wind, a headwind will slow down the arrow and it will fall earlier, a tailwind will speed up the arrow and it will fly farther.



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