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Description Pepi Hospital: Learn & Care
Step into PEPI HOSPITAL and embrace the role of a doctor, patient, or an inquisitive explorer!

In this interactive game, you can join our characters as they work, care for and treat patients, and create your own unique stories. Immerse yourself in the vibrant daily routines of a bustling hospital and discover what it takes to keep everything running smoothly. From the cozy atmosphere of the cafeteria to the high-energy environment of the pharmacy and operating room, there are numerous gameplay experiences awaiting you.

One of the most exciting aspects of PEPI HOSPITAL is the constant arrival of the ambulance, bringing new patients to treat or new friends to meet. Only the most curious and determined players will uncover all the ways to care for their patients, making for an engaging and educational experience. This game provides a fantastic opportunity to explore various participation scenarios and see how different medical situations unfold.

PEPI HOSPITAL is not just a source of fun but also a great educational tool. Although it is designed for a young audience, everyone can find enjoyment and a way to participate in this dynamic world.

What makes PEPI HOSPITAL: Learn and Care so special?

- A vast medical center brimming with various items and machines!
- A multifunctional companion bot to assist you.
- Manage your own lab: perform blood pressure measurements, X-rays, and more!
- Get comfortable in the customizable dentist's chair.
- Take on the role of a physiotherapist and create personalized fitness routines!
- Welcome newborns, weigh them, and ensure they receive the best care!
- Listen to the unique conversations of hospital residents over the phone.
- Play with the fish while waiting at the reception desk.
- The ambulance frequently brings in new patients. Make sure to attend to them promptly.

Who is behind PEPI HOSPITAL: Learn & Care?

PEPI HOSPITAL is developed by Pepi Play, known for creating engaging and educational children's games.

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