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Ragdoll Down

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Dive into the thrill of an arcade game where you get the unique chance to cause maximum damage to ragdoll characters in extreme conditions. Utilize a variety of objects and environments to achieve your goal.

Features include:

✅ Realistic ragdoll physics.
✅ Shop with a range of items.
✅ Vibrant graphics.

Embark on a chaotic journey of destruction and challenge your skills in this intense arcade experience! 🕹ī¸đŸ’Ĩ Discover more exciting games at juegos friv. Get ready for non-stop fun and action-packed gameplay!

The objective of the game is to inflict the highest possible damage to the ragdoll character. To launch projectiles, simply click or tap on the screen to release a tethered character. If no projectiles are available, click or tap on an obstacle, and it will shift.



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