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Description Speed Demons Race
An exhilarating adventure in the world of colossal monster trucks! Join the Monster Truck races in the game Speed Demons Race and customize your very own Monster Truck to outpace all competitors. Maneuver challenging tracks featuring hills, ramps, metal jumps, container obstacles, and the demolition of wooden crates, a feat only skilled drivers can conquer!

Enjoy triumphs and execute thrilling stunts to captivate the audience, earning coins for upgrades on your monstrous truck. Step into a world of thrills and excitement, now with the new addition: "Poki Games". Prepare to shatter records amidst intense competition!
The right arrow key or the pedal on the right on the screen is gas. The gas accelerates the car on the ground, and in the air rotates the car counterclockwise.

The left arrow key or the pedal on the right on the screen is the brake / reverse gear. On the ground, he brakes the car, and after a complete stop, he turns on the reverse gear. In the air, the car rotates clockwise.

The space bar or the acceleration button on the screen is turbo. You can activate the turbo after it is fully charged.


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