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Stickman Epic

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Embark on an epic journey with three distinct characters in this thrilling adventure! Battle formidable bosses, enhance your hero's strength, and choose from 72 diverse armor options for ultimate customization. Conquer 15 exhilarating levels, each with its own challenges, and face off against six powerful bosses. Uncover treasures in chests to earn rewarding upgrades, and strive for the top spot by earning a high rating. 🏆 Enjoy daily bonuses that await you – seize the opportunity and claim your rewards! Dive into the world of excitement and action at Adventure now!

Control the character with the arrows or WAD keys (computer) or virtual buttons (smartphone\tablet), hit the Space key or the virtual hit button.

For passing the levels they give a rating, gold, crystals and stars. Stars open new levels.

Wear good armor to be more resistant to enemy attacks.
Different armor combinations give different results.



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