war of sticks

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Description :
War of Sticks is an engaging strategy game that puts you in command of a stick kingdom's military, requiring skillful resource management and efficient workforce coordination to overcome enemy forces. Break free from the oppressing Red Empire and lead your stick people to liberation through mining, building, equipping, upgrading, attacking, and defending.

Initiate the game by training miners to gather gold, essential for financing your military endeavors. Utilize your earnings to recruit diverse units such as shielders, archers, barbarians, and even wizards, each serving a unique role in your army. Transform the stones collected by your miners into formidable defense towers to safeguard your kingdom.

The key to success in War of Sticks lies in constant upgrades. Enhance the capabilities of both your units and structures to unleash the full potential of your power. Navigate the battlefield with strategic prowess, ensuring a harmonious balance between offense and defense.

Discover the thrill of liberation as you lead your stick people to victory against the Red Empire's tyranny. Immerse yourself in this captivating strategy game, available on the Frivls Games website.

Use your mouse or finger to activate the purchase buttons located on the upper-left corner of your screen. Purchase miners to collect gold, then use your earnings on units like shielders, archers, barbarians, and wizards.


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