Zombie Drive Survivor

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Description :
Zombie Drive Survivor is an adrenaline-pumping action game that puts you behind the wheel of a sleek, powerful car as you bravely confront hordes of relentless zombies! 🧟‍♂️🚗

In this heart-pounding adventure, your mission is simple: plow through the undead, crushing them under your tires with satisfying thuds. But beware – while you're busy mowing down zombies, keep a close eye on your car's damage level. A burnt-out car won't get you far in the apocalypse!

Fear not, intrepid survivor! As you dispatch zombies with style, they'll drop valuable experience points (exp) that will help you level up and enhance your strength. 💪💥

But it's not just about surviving – it's about doing so in style! Explore a vast array of weaponry, from the classic shotgun to the fiery flamethrower, and rain destruction upon the undead. Earn coins to unlock new and more powerful cars, each equipped with their own deadly arsenal.

Prepare yourself for an onslaught of challenges as different types of zombies and enemy vehicles attempt to thwart your progress. But with your skill and determination, no obstacle is insurmountable!

With two thrilling game modes to choose from – Level Mode for honing your skills and Endless Mode for testing your endurance against never-ending waves of zombies – the excitement never stops. 🎮💥

Gear up, rev your engines, and prepare for the ultimate showdown against the zombie horde in Zombie Drive Survivor!

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PC Controls

W / up arrow key = accelerate
S / down arrow key = move backward
A / left arrow key = turn left
D / right arrow key = turn right
Space = handbrake
1 = choose to take the left upgrade
2 = choose to take the right upgrade
3 = choose to take both upgrades

Mobile Controls

Switch toggle between D / R = move forward / backward
Tap on the left screen = turn left
Tap on the right screen = turn right


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