Shoot & Bounce

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In this engaging and addictive game, you'll dive into a world filled with balls and weapons. You start with a single ball carrying a certain value, and your goal is to increase its worth. To achieve that, you'll need to purchase various types of weapons and merge them together for upgrades. Do you have what it takes to earn enough points to conquer all the levels?

This game requires strategic thinking as you'll need to plan your moves carefully. What kind of upgrades will you choose? Will you invest in boosting the firepower of your weapons, or will you focus on increasing the economic value of the balls? It all depends on your unique strategy and how you want to develop your arsenal.

The game combines strategic elements with challenges, making it both exciting and entertaining. Thanks to its user-friendly design and enjoyable gameplay, you'll soon find yourself addicted to striving for success at every level.

To experience this amazing game, you can visit the Friv LS gaming website through this link: [ Friv LS Games Website]. Now, embark on an enjoyable strategic adventure that combines challenge and addiction, and see if you can achieve top scores in this thrilling game.

Controls are straightforward:

-Use the mouse to purchase & upgrade weapons
-Drag to place them on the field
-Drag to merge and upgrade them!


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