Skate Hooligans

Played 174 times.
2.5 (2 Reviews)

"Get ready for a wild ride, little hooligans! It's time to create some chaos and embark on an adventure. Choose your hero and get ready for an epic disorder ^_^ Gather coins, enhance your power-ups, acquire awesome skateboards, steer clear of treacherous obstacles, and aim for the highest scores possible.

Dive into the world of thrilling escapades, where fun knows no bounds! This game will keep you engaged and entertained for hours as you navigate through an array of exciting challenges. Whether you're racing against the clock or going head-to-head with your friends, the fun never stops.

Visit to join in on the action. Cowabunga and embrace the hooligan spirit! Buy those skateboards, dodge the hazards, and chase after those high scores. Will you be the ultimate troublemaker? It's time to find out in this high-energy and chaotic adventure!"



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