Tile Journey

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Tile Journey is an exhilarating 3D puzzle game designed to ignite your strategic prowess. With seven slots at your command, the challenge is to seek and pair trios while steering clear of filling all slots without a match, leading to the game's end! Engage in uncovering layers of tiles to reveal underlying structures, granting access to upper levels. Traverse diverse levels, each featuring its unique theme! Now, brace yourself to exercise your pairing abilities in this captivating journey. And, introducing Poki —dive into an array of captivating online games offering endless entertainment!

Start your journey by selecting a tile. Your goal is to find and match pairs of three identical tiles. Remember, you only have seven slots, so choose wisely. Some tiles are stacked, so you'll need to remove the top tiles to access those beneath. If all slots are filled without a single trio, the game ends.


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