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وصف Iza's Supermarket
Experience the thrill of managing your own supermarket in Iza's Supermarket! Dive into this captivating simulation game, playable directly in your browser on Frivls Games.

Join Iza on her journey to transform a humble grocery store into a bustling emporium of delights. Your mission? Stock shelves, hire staff, and upgrade facilities to keep customers happy and profits soaring!

Put your management prowess to the test as you navigate the complexities of running a successful business. From optimizing shelf space to strategizing employee schedules, every decision counts in Iza's Supermarket.

Unlock new features and expand your offerings by reinvesting your earnings wisely. Keep shelves fully stocked, streamline checkout processes, and watch as your supermarket becomes the talk of the town.

Are you up for the challenge? Play Iza's Supermarket now and embark on an exciting adventure in entrepreneurship! With its intuitive gameplay and addictive mechanics, this game is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. Let the retail revolution begin!

Also enjoy playing Iza's Supermarket, the new edition.
Use WASD / arrow keys / drag mouse to move around.

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