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11x11 BLOXX

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Dive into the engaging world of '11+11 Bloxx,' also recognized as '11x11 Blocks,' a captivating block-puzzle game that sets itself apart with an 11x11 game board, deviating from the conventional 10x10 grid. Your mission: strategically place multi-colored polyomino shapes on the board to amass coins and points by creating rows and columns with precisely 11 blocks. 🧩💡 Experience a refreshing twist on classic puzzle gameplay and challenge your strategic skills. Explore more entertaining games at juegos friv. Ready for a new level of puzzle excitement?

Assess the three distinct shapes at your disposal. Strategize the initial placement for one of them. Relocate the remaining two shapes accordingly. Evaluate the upcoming set of shapes and position them to create partial lines. Execute skillful combination moves, aligning multiple lines simultaneously. Aim to maximize your earnings in terms of coins and points.



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