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Castle Blaster 2D! (mobile)

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Step into the shoes of the King's greatest soldier and defend the royal castle against its arch-enemy! The adversary's fortress is deteriorating, prompting them to target weaker kingdoms for gold and conquest. Armed with futuristic weapons, you, the King's champion, must thwart these attacks. The King's precious castle, built over 19 years, relies on your prowess. 🏰🛡️ Play now at Stickman Games and ensure the defense of the kingdom. Face the challenge, wield powerful weapons, and uphold the honor of the King in this epic battle!

Click onto the 3 weapon icons at the top left of the screen to swap they all have their own uses and strengths The HMG is your main weapon and should be used to shred bullets at a distance Stop the Blue Bullets from coming close with the bow



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