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Cyber Cars Punk Racing

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Friv Games presents Cyber Cars Punk Racing, a futuristic 3D driving game featuring super vehicles, neon cities, and various game modes. Race on 60 tracks, choose from 16 supercars, and explore a free ride area. Engage in Career mode with "Race," "Against Time," "Stunt," "CheckPoint," and "Fly Parkour" challenges. Earn stars and money for new cars through races and stunts. Enjoy a Free Ride in a vast city, collecting gems for more vehicles. In Hot Chase mode, evade pursuing cops, manage your "HP," and use special abilities. Enter the Battle Arena, crush opponents, and be the last one standing with special skills. Compete with friends in Two-Player mode on the same computer. Experience a cyber-futuristic theme, realistic physics, and a wide range of racing cars in this adrenaline-pumping game!




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