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Excavator Simulator 3D

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Experience the thrill of operating realistic 3D construction vehicles in Excavator Simulator 3D, the ultimate JCB simulation game. Choose from a variety of trucks, excavators, and Pincer Jaws to tackle diverse missions. Dig, clamp, lift, hammer, or forklift – switch attachments effortlessly. Master the control of these powerful machines, relishing in realistic physics and graphics. Complete levels swiftly, earn more money to acquire additional vehicles, and unlock new challenges. 🚜🎮 Dive into the world of construction at Friv Games and have a blast! Excavator Simulator Construction Fun

On PC W - Gas S - Brake or Backward A - Turn left D - Turn right Left wheel - rotate mechanic arm Right wheel - accelerate mechanic arm On Mobile Hold Arrows - steering Hold pedals - drive forward or back Swipe wheels - accelerate



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