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FamilyNest: Tile Match Puzzle

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Step into the world of engaging and free Tile Connect puzzles, a blend of relaxing gameplay and addictive challenges! Inspired by the classic Mahjong pair matching concept, our Tile Connect game is a strategic delight. Your aim? Uncover identical image pairs and clear the board. Immerse yourself in the pursuit of connecting all pairs and clearing every tile on the game field. Now, introducing Poki this addictive and free Tile Connect puzzle brings a new level of excitement. Exercise your memory and thinking skills in this thoughtfully crafted game. Embrace this tile-matching journey, designed to sharpen your mind, for free. Get ready for an addictive, fun, and mind-bending experience – your perfect escape!

- Tap on the first tile to select it and look for another one with the same image.
- Connect two same tiles with no more than 3 straight lines.
- After the connection, the matching pairs of tiles will disappear from the puzzle board.
- Match all tiles in pairs to clear the board and collect as many stars as you can!
- Take advantage of hints when you get stuck and use shuffle to rearrange all tiles to build paths more easily.



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