Ninja Clash Heroes

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In Ninja Clash Heroes, you assume leadership over a squad of skilled heroes. 🥷 Whether you prefer the stealthy agility of a ninja Scout, the unyielding armor of a samurai, the wisdom of a Buddhist monk, or the precision of a deadly sniper Geisha, you'll discover a character perfectly tailored to your playstyle. The action unfolds within the confines of a stunning oriental garden 🏯, but your attention will be firmly fixed on thwarting the relentless enemy intent on pilfering the Fortune Cat, a sacred duty you've sworn to uphold.

Unleash the formidable powers of your chosen class and amass stars to unlock crates filled with incredible weapons and boosters. Elevate your character's capabilities through upgrades, earn prestigious medals, and savor every moment of Ninja Clash Heroes to its absolute fullest! Dive into this thrilling adventure and defend the sacred cat at all costs. 💪

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