Fantasy Madness

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Description :
Fantasy Madness takes you on a thrilling journey through a wildpunk World of Fantasy, where chaos threatens the natural order. As Johnny "Harmon" Wild, you find yourself immersed in the mystical realm of "Orkish Paradise," battling against a multitude of foes including goblins, orcs, shamans, and other nefarious creatures.

In this roguelike action-survival game, your objective is clear: stand firm against the encroaching evil forces. Utilize an extensive arsenal of arcane powers bestowed upon you by the revered Mother Nature herself. Your enemies, such as the Clan of Aluminum Helmets, will stop at nothing to disrupt the balance of this fantastical world.

🌿 Summon the power of Mother Nature to aid you in your quest. With each level gained, you unlock a variety of potent abilities to enhance your combat prowess. Whether it's summoning a garden of healing, commanding carnivorous bunnies, or unleashing the fury of lightning upon your foes, the options are boundless.

Navigate the treacherous landscape strategically, collecting crystals from defeated enemies to fuel your advancement. Every crystal obtained grants you experience points, allowing you to level up and further customize your abilities. Similar to the mechanics found in games like Vampire Survivors, combat is automatic, affording you the freedom to focus on mastering movement and tactics.

Engage in epic battles against the relentless hordes, employing a combination of skill, strategy, and the bountiful gifts of Mother Nature. With each encounter, you inch closer to restoring harmony to the chaotic realm and vanquishing those who seek to disrupt the natural order.

Embark on an adventure like no other, where danger lurks around every corner and the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Are you ready to confront the forces of darkness and emerge victorious in this fantastical odyssey?

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WASD or arrow keys to move
Space to dodge while moving
NOTE: you can play with gamepad if you have one!


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