Idle Evolution From Cell to Human

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Description :
Embark on an evolutionary journey in this life simulation, exploring the origin and development of all living beings on our planet 🌱. Trace the intricate path from a single cell to the emergence of the first living organism and witness the evolution culminating in the complexity of a full-fledged human! 🌍 Experience the fascinating process of life's formation, from the microscopic cell to the fully developed body. Dive into the immersive world of evolution and discovery! 🚀 Don't forget to check out fun games at Friv for added excitement! 🎮

The goal of the game is to create a creature in stages from one cell.
The game begins with the creation of the first creature from 11, more precisely, from one of the cell. Cells accumulate in a certain amount per second, depending on the pumping of improvements, for each click on the "DNA" button, or are bought for virtual currency.


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