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Jumping Robot

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Embark on a thrilling adventure with Jumping Robot, an exhilarating online game that puts you in command of a nimble and agile robot with a penchant for jumping! Your mission is to navigate through a series of platforms, collecting batteries to boost your score. The gameplay is simple yet challenging; you must time your jumps perfectly to land on each platform, avoiding the perilous depths below. Brace yourself for added excitement, as some platforms constantly sway left and right, introducing an unpredictable element to the game. Quick reflexes and precise control are essential to stay on course. Your ultimate objective? Accumulate as many batteries as possible to achieve the highest score. 🤖 Ready to take on the challenge? Play now at [Poki Games](https://www.frivls.com/category/poki-games) and experience the joy of guiding your Jumping Robot to victory! 🚀 Gaming Adventure Jumping Robot Poki Games

Use the arrow keys to play or tap on the game screen



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