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Noob Miner: Escape from prison

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Embark on a daring escapade in "Noob's Prison Adventure" where our protagonist finds themselves locked up in a mine, striving to break free! ⛏️💣 Navigate through challenges, acquire resources, and indulge in cake delights. Engage with various traders, uncover hidden treasures on the expansive map, and enhance your Noob character. 🗺️💰 But the real thrill lies in your decision-making, offering two unique escape options and multiple endings! Will you strategically wield dynamite, upgrade the mine generator, and amass resources for a swift exit? The clock is ticking – can you master the art of escape in this gripping adventure? 🕒🔓 Don't miss the excitement, visit the gaming haven at Friv Games and level up your gaming experience. 🎮 Noob Adventure Escape Challenge Gaming Thrills

Your mission is to escape from the prison by destroying the walls!

For mobile:
Left Joystick - Move
Right Joystick - Block Destruction
Tap on the screen in an empty place - Install the block

For PC:
WASD\Arrows - Move
LCM - Destruction of blocks
PCM - Install the block
E - Inventory or store open
ESC - Pause



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