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Discover the charming world of, a captivating free IOGame that revolves around adorable hamsters. If you're an animal lover, particularly fond of these small, affectionate furballs, this online multiplayer io game is tailor-made for you. Dive into an unprecedented adventure where cute hamsters, a distinctive environment, and skill-based controls converge to deliver one of the most endearing io games available.

Embark on a global online multiplayer hamster racing experience with, challenging players from around the world to compete for the fastest records on each track. As you navigate the levels, keep an eye out for golden coins strewn across the terrain. Collecting these coins is crucial because, in the in-game shop, you can unlock skins and trails to personalize your hamster, making it truly unique. Some skins and trails are limited and exclusive, adding an element of rarity to your customization options.

Navigate the tricky levels filled with swinging hammers, obstacles, fans, and springs. Watch out for swinging hammers that can knock you off your path, forcing you to restart from the spawn area. Use fans and springs strategically to reach higher places on the level, where you may discover more golden coins or the level's goal. The challenging nature of the levels requires constant attention to avoid pitfalls and obstacles. Jump, dodge, and speed through the course while observing other players in a fun and dynamic multiplayer experience.

The competitive aspect of adds an extra layer of excitement. After each game, check your Worldwide Position, showcasing your standing in the global leaderboard. Beat time records on any level to have your name and time featured in the Leaderboards Panel in the spawn area. Can you secure a lasting position in this competitive space, or will others rise to the challenge and attempt to surpass your achievements? offers more than just racing—it includes a level editor for creative minds. Craft your own tracks, and they will seamlessly integrate into the game, allowing other players to race on your custom creations. Accessible through browsers on both computers and mobile devices, don't miss out on this fantastic game experience.

In conclusion, dive into the world of with your adorable hamster, engage in thrilling races against online players, and above all, savor the joy of gaming. Don't miss out—try it now and let the excitement unfold! Visit the Friv Games platform to explore even more engaging gaming experiences.
Controls - W A S D to move - Mouse to look around and Jump The game supports gamepads So if you got an xbox360 PS4 or PS5 controller you can connect it to your device and start playing as if it was a console game


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