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Description DTA 9 - Miami
In this updated version of GTA 9 Miami, you're in for an exhilarating ride. The game offers a variety of new features that elevate the excitement to a whole new level. You will have access to powerful new weapons, stunning and realistic locations, and an array of cool cars. As you navigate the vibrant city of Miami, you'll encounter cunning and strong opponents, each presenting unique challenges.

Embark on a thrilling journey to uncover the secrets of the local mafia bosses. The game’s dynamic environment sets the stage for intense and heart-pounding shootouts that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Each mission is designed to test your skills and push your limits, with tasks ranging in complexity and requiring strategic thinking to overcome brutal criminals.

Game Features:
- Cool Cars : Drive an array of updated vehicles that add to the thrill of your Miami adventures.
- Updated Locations : Explore new and meticulously designed locations that bring the city of Miami to life with unprecedented realism.
- New Powerful Weapons : Arm yourself with an arsenal of new and powerful weapons to take down your enemies effectively.
- Realistic Environment : Immerse yourself in a highly realistic environment that enhances the overall gaming experience.
- Exciting Tasks : Engage in a variety of new and exciting tasks, each presenting unique challenges and levels of difficulty.
- Convenient Control : Enjoy a seamless and intuitive control system that makes navigation and combat smooth and enjoyable.

Dive into the vibrant streets of Miami and experience the thrill of this action-packed game. For more similar games, visit 3D Games.
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Controls on PC:
WASD - control the character and transportation.
Z - press and hold to activate the mouse cursor (use the mouse to click on the icons that are located on the screen).
Shift - run.
Spacebar - jump.
Left mouse button - attack.

Controls on mobile:
Buttons and joysticks on the screen.


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