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Soccer Merge

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Become the ultimate athlete and football champion as you conquer challenges and assemble the most formidable team! Soccer Merge presents an exhilarating tournament where your goal is to outscore opponents within a tight time frame. Engage in thrilling matches against skilled players or potential football champions online, anytime, anywhere! Prove your prowess on the field, demonstrating your skills through strategic gameplay and goal-scoring finesse. Take on a series of tests to solidify your status as the best in the game. Whether you're a solo player seeking competition or aiming to lead your team to victory, Soccer Merge is your arena. Elevate your football experience to new heights and showcase your talents on the pitch. For more gaming excitement, check out friv games, the go-to destination for a diverse collection of entertaining and challenging online games. Unleash your football prowess and let the games begin!

The goal of the game is to earn money by winning competitions, attract the best players to your side and create your ideal football team.
PC control - mouse
Control on a mobile device - touch



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