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The Resistance Fighters

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Embark on a gripping journey in this game, where a young man named Isa defends his homeland against enemy invasion. Born in America to Palestinian Christian immigrants, Isa witnesses an Israeli attack on his ancestral village. Determined, he swiftly travels to Palestine, fueled by a desire to protect his family. Isa's journey unfolds against the backdrop of his ancestral roots and the unfolding conflict. Join Isa as he navigates through challenges, confronts enemies, and fights for his country's freedom. Experience the emotional tale and thrilling gameplay. Play now at Free Games and immerse yourself in Isa's courageous adventure! 🎮🌍

Mouse - Shooting, WASD keys - Movement, Spacebar - Jump, SHIFT - Run, C - Crouch, E - Step up, R - Reload, Q - Roll, P - Pause



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