Vacuum Rage

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Description :
Dive into the chaos with Vacuum Rage, the arcade sensation featuring a wild robot vacuum cleaner. 🌀 In a cluttered realm, this crazed robot takes cleaning to the extreme, devouring everything in its path. 🤖💨 Embrace the mayhem as it unleashes a vacuum cleaner rage, leaving people fleeing in panic. 🏃‍♂️ Can you escape the relentless pursuit of the crazed cleaning machine? Navigate the frenzy, avoid the chaos, and witness the madness unfold. Challenge yourself in this eccentric vacuum adventure – where cleaning takes a thrilling and unexpected turn! 🕹️ Vacuum Rage Arcade Fun Robot Chaos Friv Experience

The robot vacuum cleaner has gone crazy, now its only task is to suck up everything that gets in its way. People, trees, houses all go to the landfill, don't miss anything.
- To control the robot vacuum cleaner, tap the screen and move the cursor sideways.
- Absorb everything that gets in the way!
- No one should leave you!


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