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Description :
Dive into the captivating challenge of spotting discrepancies between two car images in Find the Differences Cars! 🚗 Keep your eyes sharp and your reflexes quicker as you navigate through a limited time frame per round. Utilize your mouse for precision and speed in pinpointing the distinctions. But beware, making more than three errors will lead to failure. With only one minute allotted for all 20 levels, each stage offers a brief yet exhilarating test of your observation skills. Can you identify all seven disparities in each level? Test your abilities and embark on this thrilling journey now! Explore this game on Frivls for endless entertainment. Best of luck! 🍀

WASD = Move
Space = Jump
Left click = Shoot
Right click = Aim
Shift = Crouch
E = Dash
1, 2, 3 = Change weapon


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