Noob Chicken Farm Tycoon

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Visit and help Noob run a chicken farm! You'll find yourself responsible for breeding and upgrading chickens, as well as buying useful tools for the farm. A unique experience awaits, where you can put masks on the heads of the chickens, making them look like Noob, zombies, demons, cats, and more.

If you get tired of the chickens, you can easily swap them out for a Skibidi Toilet that produces toilet paper instead of eggs. Or buy a dinosaur - their eggs are larger and more valuable to sell!

Build your farm in various locations such as the forest, by the seaside, or even in hell. Don't forget to protect your chickens from foxes; you can buy a dog to guard the birds. Enjoy this entertaining and exciting farming adventure on friv ls !

Use your mouse or click and swipe to control chickens, collect eggs, buy goods or purchase upgrades.


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