Rescue Girl

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This is a fun and exciting puzzle game falling under the category of Pin Pull games, available on This game features various modes and thrilling challenges that await you. It will take you through unique levels, each with its own level of difficulty. You can become a hero by solving challenging tasks and finding the optimal ways to help the girl overcome obstacles in her adventure.

Your main task in this game is to strategically pull the pins to find a way to assist the girl in overcoming challenges and obstacles. You'll need strategic thinking skills and a good sense of gameplay to make the right decisions and use the correct tricks.

What sets this game apart is the wide variety of modes and levels, making it extremely exciting and addictive. Enjoy challenging yourself, solving puzzles, and discovering hidden secrets within the game. Join the thrilling adventure on and have hours of fun and entertainment.

The left mouse button is to make a choice, either remove or move the pin.
Hold down the left mouse button to start drawing the line, then release the button to finish.
The currency can be earned during the game or as a reward for ads.

Your task is to help the Girl in not always logical decisions.
The game has three modes:
-Passing levels in the format of "Remove the studs".
-Quests with the ability to make a choice, in a puzzle format.
-Draw a line so that the coins fall into the chest.


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