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وصف Rebel Wings
Embark on a space-faring adventure with Frivls games! 🚀 Take control of the ship, shooting lasers at enemies, launching homing missiles, and engaging in epic boss battles. Encounter increasingly challenging enemies and unique boss patterns with each level. Collect power-ups such as health, missiles, and bombs to clear stages. Conquer 16 dynamic levels, collecting parts from defeated enemy ships. Utilize the collected scrap as currency to upgrade your own ship, enhancing its capabilities for the intense cosmic battles ahead. Gear up, blast through enemies, and evolve your spacecraft to dominate the vast expanse of space! 🌌💥
On desktop browsers use WASD or ARROW keys to move, 'X' of Shift key to launch missile. Use the mouse to select levels or select which part of your ship to buy in hangar.
On mobile browsers there are two options to move the player's ship which you can choose in the settings menu.
The default is by using a virtual joystick like many arcade games and the other is to move the ship using your thumb. You can launch the missiles using the touch button on the right


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