Alvin Super Hero

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Description :

Play the 'Superhero Training' game on if you're in the mood for a race that will raise your adrenaline levels! Alvin and the Chipmunks are the perfect partners for such an adventure, especially if you're a fan of extreme sports like skateboarding.

Theodore has designed a Superboard with incredible speed and impressive skills. Alvin and Simon both want to use it for a superhero race. Go for a ride in the neighborhood to test it and see who deserves it most!

If you've ever played Temple Run, you're already familiar with the structure of this game. You'll go on a randomly generated obstacle course through the streets. Run for as long as you can and collect coins! If you bump into any of the obstacles, the run will end. Yikes! Join the chipmunks in this action-packed game on friv and prove your skills in a thrilling race.

- desktop: Avoid the obstacles. Use the arrow keys to steer left and right.
- mobile: Avoid the obstacles. Swipe left or right to control.
- desktop: Use the arrow keys to jump or duck.
- mobile: Swipe up or down to jump or crouch.


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