Subway Surfers Seoul 2023

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Description :
Subway Surfers Seoul 2023 takes you on the 173rd world tour, immersing players in the vibrant world of K-Pop. This update is a celebration of the genre, offering a VIP ticket to SEOUL, where players can embrace the K-pop culture. Dress up in your best K-pop-inspired outfit and groove to the electrifying Seoul soundtrack. Join Ji Yeong in singing along to the latest hit song, BLING.

The season is packed with exciting content, featuring Surfer Ji Yeong, a stylish Stan Outfit for Alexandre, and three new Boards: K-Dillac, Neo-Seoul, and Retro Orange. The collaboration with Planet Play and J Balvin adds an extra layer of excitement. Throughout the season, players can collect Headphones as Season Hunt tokens.

Your mission in the game is to collect gold by running the longest distance possible, navigating through the dynamic landscape of Seoul. Immerse yourself in the thrilling experience of Subway Surfers Seoul 2023, where high-energy gameplay meets the enchanting world of K-Pop.

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Left / Right Arrow = Move Left / Right
Up Arrow = Jump
Down Arrow : Roll
Space = Activate Hoverboard


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