Block Puzzle Ocean

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Welcome to Friv – your go-to gaming destination! 🎮 Dive into the Lovely Wedding Date game, where Skyler is thrilled for her dream day with Collin. It's their wedding day, and your mission is to assist them in getting ready for this special occasion. Let's make it an unforgettable and joyous celebration in Skyler's life! 💑🌟 Friv Wedding Date Gaming Joy Love And Fun

- Drag the blocks to move them.
- Place blocks into the 8x8 grid.
- Arrange the blocks in horizontal or vertical in order to fill a row or column to clear the jewels.
- Blocks will be removed when:
+ A vertical line is completed.
+ A horizontal line is completed.
- Play as long as you can to rack up points until you are not able to place any more pieces.


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