Words of Wonders

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Embark on a challenging journey with Friv! 🧩 Solve countless levels, each offering a distinctive array of letters to connect, ensuring endless brain-teasing enjoyment. Stumped? Fear not! Utilize hints to uncover random letters or wield hammer power-ups to reveal a letter of your choice. Traverse the levels and seize the opportunity to amass diverse images of world wonders. 🌍 Keep your mind sharp and enjoy the satisfaction of conquering each puzzle, unlocking new challenges along the way. Ready for a puzzle adventure like no other? 🎉

Each level presents you with a set of letters that you must connect to form words that fit in the crossword puzzle. If you get stuck, you can use hints to reveal random letters in the crossword puzzle. You have a limited number of hints, so use them wisely. Use hammer power-ups to reveal a letter of your choosing. They can be earned by completing certain levels or purchased with in-game gems. With a lot of levels to play, you'll have plenty of brain-teasing fun to keep you occupied for hours.


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